Emergency Response Bumpers


Front-Line Bumpers are the #1 Aluminum Bumper that will protect your ambulances from anything that is thrown at it. Protect your vehicles but most importantly protect the people inside!




Fire Response

Is your department looking for something a little extra for your Response Vehicles? We’ve worked with numerous units and would be honored to customize the aluminum bumpers you specifically need!





Don’t worry about the little things when taking a call to a rescue. Getting from Point A to Point B as safe as possible and Front-Line Bumpers will make sure your vehicles can handle whatever is thrown at them!



 – Chrome, Black Powder Coat, Raw
–  2 Post I-Beam upright construction
 – 1/4″ marine grade aluminum – It is flexible, has memory (forms back to original shape)
 – Piping is Schedule 40 at 1.5″ – SIX times stronger then tubing
 – Fully welded boxed mounting system that extends to both right and left ears
 – Accommodates all OEM tow hooks